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[Pinned] Guild History
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[Pinned] Guild History

■■ News 20/08/2012: Guild advertisement topic was created on the Feenix forumsThis guild started with a group of 7 players including a maintank, healers & ranged dps.We are experienced with all types of content that blizzard had to offer in re...
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[Pinned] Nostalrius Revival on Elysium

Greetings Nostalrius and Elysium players!Here at Dreamstate there is great excitement over the news that Nostalrius will be relaunched by the Elysium project team. As Nostalrius returns, so does Dreamstate! We are eager to continue our vanilla leg...
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Beanna request

Hi there! First of all I wanna congratulate for that world fastest horde clear of Molten Core, impressive!I watched the multi pov video of the clear Beannas Ui really cought my eye and I would be very h...
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Congrats on the Horde speed 1#

Heeey just wanted to say congratulations on the 1# horde speed run! -Tho sad I chose the best site to play at this time (Ally) - Dunno if they're still are the same ppl around as in 2012 - :)But anyway Want to say congratulations! GJSincerely murl...
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Hello friends!

Hey there guys! I see a lot of familiar faces from back when we all started DS back on Emerald Dream! I miss you guys and I hope everyone is doing well IRL! I have returned to play Classic and currently am MTing for a guild <Time Lapse> on H...
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Old ass Emerald Dream player curiosity

Hey Dreamstate gang, I used to play on Emerald Dream 1.12 way back in 2013 you guys were the best on that server and i had most of my enchants and crafted epics crafted by your guildies. I'm just curious who is still around from those days, I reme...
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Your favorite DPS machine

Sup mafksClassic hype eyyWho is still alive for release? L t a a f s ? Synergy ? Thashy ?
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signing up

Zup.I cleared vanilla with Union(outland), as a holy pally. I was more or less best geared oally on the server.We we're third guild on the server,aktho had som server-first(ouro) but thats it.Whould love if we could compete stuff like that!I wanna...
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Was fun cya round!

Had a good run boys from l4g->anethema-> angrathar. Don't think ill be joining the guild for classic so I wanted to say farewell and thanks for the good times and good leadership. Will stay on the classic discord if things change. /wave
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You really thought hiding here would stop me from finding you, hmm?
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Long time no see

Hey Dreamstate, I'm not sure how many of you remember me from back in the Nostalrius days (man those were good times). I decided to roll Light's Hope on Northdale, so if anyone plays there please hit me up @Hillsbrad. Good luck on WoTLK raids!Rega...
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Dreamstate presence on upcoming official Classic servers?

Hey y'all.I have been following this guilds activities and was just wondering, are there currently any plans for the guild to be present on the upcoming official Classic servers?I mean, in a competetive raiding sense.If so, would you already accep...
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title is just there to piss thrashing off honestly cuz he hates one thing more than twitch... twitch emote "memes"just got one question... are u lads having fun? :)a certain someone might wanna play something soonish :P~ #1 rogue on patchwerk on m...
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Hey guys! Im curious , which server is the guild on,and ofcourse can u give me any links to it,so i can dl clients and everything else.It would be awesome if i can come and play with you,but even if not on the guild,atleast to have chat with some ...
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Happy Christmas to all you!

Greetings from Finland!(its our christmas tree ^^)
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Grats guys !

Ello everybody ! Not sure if anyone still playing back from ED, but just wanted to give my shout out to the guild, for finally getting Naxx done ! I wish i had been there, but couldnt get my self to start all over, when Dreamstate moved from EDBut...
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Grats and hello again

First of, grats on KT kill! Of course Dreamstate did it, good job! 😉For those of you that don't know me. I played as Elemental Shaman in Dreamstate on the Looking4Group Hellfire realm and quit when the server died and Dreamstate went elsewhere. Bu...
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Can someone please tell Braindot (Brain) that I tried to contact him but the website wont let me send him a pm. I've lost his details in my skype, whatsapp and email etc. but want to contact him (no WoW installed as well)Thanks,Jub
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Guilds going to LightsHope

I made this list with information I could obtain during the day at work, but have made it as accurate as possible.Confirmed guilds going light hope DreamstateNightcallPhoneixWe do not sowGnarlyKaamosSupernovaDank Budz CollectiveUntold StoryBlood a...
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If he's still here

Looking for my old pal Shacoloki, hmu on Kronos dude! I can't be arsed lvling to 10 for ingame whisper. Or if he doesn't check the forums if one of you guys could let him know, thank you
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